Taper Utility Programs

Taper brings cost-effective and proven energy efficiency solutions to commercial customers in California. Our full-service design and installation programs allow our utility partners to assist all our customers, whether in a specific vertical market segment or an entire geographic market. Our ability to serve such a broad customer mix is rooted in our fifteen years of statewide experience in energy efficiency implementation. This rich service history gives us a deep understanding of the forces behind the verticals and markets that utilities serve. This translates into reduced demand and significant energy savings – a win for both utilities and their customers.

Design and Install Services Include:

  • Facility Audit – on-site evaluation of existing lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC equipment
  • Project Proposal – site-specific recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades, including projected costs, rebates, and energy savings
  • Installation Oversight – project management and support during installation by one of the program’s vetted and approved contractors
  • Rebate Fulfillment – rebate application and fulfillment are prepared for you by Taper. Rebate can be paid directly to the contractor, so you only pay the difference

Quick Facts

Service Geography 10 Sales Professionals cover the entire PG&E footprint
Verticals All
Technology Product and Vendor Agnostic
Measures Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration
Expertise Modified Lighting Calculator