The Benefits of LEDs for Energy Efficiency

The benefits of LEDs make them easy to love in so many ways, and their versatility gives different types of businesses a variety of reasons for wanting to install them. We’ve accepted the difficult task of narrowing down the long list of LED advantages to the handful described below. This list isn’t comprehensive they’re just the ones mentioned most often by the business owners we talk to.

1) LEDs reduce your electric bill. The number one priority for any business owner is increasing profit margins by reducing operating costs. Upgrading to LEDs is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to lower your electric bill by cutting down on the power you use for lighting. LEDs use 30% less power than fluorescents and up to 80% less power than incandescents for the same amount of light.

2) LEDs last much longer. You’ll save money with LEDs because you’ll have to replace them far less often. LEDs will keep working 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 3 to 5 times longer than fluorescents. And you’ll not just be saving money on replacement bulbs; you’ll also be saving on the labor costs associated with constantly changing out your lighting equipment.

3) LEDs are really cool. We mean that literally: LEDs produce very little heat. Why is that important? Because your air conditioning has to work harder – and use more energy – to offset the heat thrown off by your lighting. And if your business uses lighted refrigerator or freezer cases, LEDs can really make a difference: Incandescent bulbs can release 90% of their energy as heat and compact fluorescents can release 80%.

4) Focus, focus, focus. LED lighting is directional, which means that LEDs concentrate their light where you need it instead of diffusing it in all directions, like incandescent or fluorescent lighting. This makes LEDs more efficient for uses like recessed lighting and task lighting. Incandescent and fluorescent lighting has to be reflected in the desired direction, and more than half of the light may never leave the fixture.

5) Setting the mood. Since we’re talking about love, we know the importance that lighting plays in setting the right mood. LEDs provide the flexibility to design a lighting system that reflects your business’ character and creates a comfortable atmosphere for customers and employees by precisely controlling brightness, light temperature and color.

So there you have it: Five great reasons for liking – if not loving – LEDs. We could go on, but why bother? To quote that famous movie line, “You had me at ‘hello’”.