Where We Can Help You Save

There is money in your building and we can find it for you.

Refrigeration systems provide many opportunities for savings. For example, retrofitting existing refrigerated cases with doors and light bars can save a significant amount of energy and dollars. Taper provides full supervision, monitoring and QC of case door installations with vendors and their subcontractors. Learn more
We can implement multiple energy saving HVAC solutions like Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). Most HVAC Roof Top Units (RTUs) run continually on a single fan speed regardless of need, creating significant energy waste. Installing a VFD on the supply fan converts the supply fan from single speed to multi-speed. This feature saves electricity because reducing fan speed reduces fan power consumption.
Outdated interior and exterior lighting might be costing you more than you think. Upgrading fluorescent, HID, and compact fluorescent lighting to LED fixtures can typically cut electric lighting demand by 50%.
Taper provides water system solutions to implement water-saving upgrades and identify faucets with food safety violation risks. Water-saving upgrades can reduce water use by 25% or more. Taper technicians assess faucets and install water-saving aerators and pre-rinse spray valves according to a defined protocol. We also report on leaks and other maintenance issues that may be found at your portfolio of locations.


We collaborate with you to understand your unique business needs and identify measurable and goals.


We assess your building portfolio to understand your energy and/or water usage and look for opportunities and incentives aligned with your goals.

Solutions Planning

We create a custom, prioritized implementation plan, accounting for existing corporate standards, project stakeholders, internal communications, procurement requirements, trade allies, and utility relationships.

Utility Engagement

We initiate and maintain relationships with utilities, participate in trade ally networks, and research incentives and energy savings opportunities.

Utility Incentive Program Administration and Application Management

We work with utilities to obtain incentives on eligible technologies and take care of all the paperwork on behalf of our customers.

Trade Partner Management

We vet contractors, review licensing and insurance, manage contracts, review and manage performance, and enforce safety protocols.

Supply Chain Management

We provide technical equipment evaluation, negotiate equipment pricing and pursue bulk purchase contracting to get the most value for our customer investments.


Before we swap out one light bulb, we’ll validate our recommendations to make sure our plan is right the first time by conducting field validation audits, on-site building evaluations, opportunity analysis refinements, project estimation and identification of pilot programs.

Project Management

Project implementation is closely monitored from start-to-finish. To ensure zero to minimal service disruptions we provide hands-on management of project sequencing, logistics and scheduling, sourcing and management of contractors, troubleshooting and issue resolution and on-the-job safety.

Administration & Financing​

We take care of all the details, from permits and code compliance, utility incentives, financing options and all required paperwork.


Our reporting system is transparent, seamlessly integrated, and easy-to-understand. Our reporting capabilities equip you with real-time data to demonstrate value and are tailored to fit your custom needs, whether it’s a high-level multi-site summary or a deep dive into energy or water savings, dollars saved, technology, or specific geographic performance.


We provide post-implementation training to ensure your employees are prepared to implement new procedures and make the most of equipment and system upgrades. For example, developing educational signage for key locations, or designing and implementing behavior change marketing programs for employees.


Once projects are complete and generating cost savings for you, we can address any additional support needs.

We Build Strong Partnerships

We value our partners and are proud to work with some of the top utility providers in the region.

Taper Partners: Alameda Municipal Power
Taper Partner: City of Palo Alto Utilities
Taper Partners: Hawai'i Energy
Taper Partner: SDGE
Taper Partner: PG&E
Taper Partner: SMUD
southern california edison
puget sound energy
energy trust of oregon
bonneville power administration