Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions and Upgrades

We’re energy & refrigeration experts with experience working at some of the industry's largest food retailers.

Taper works with supermarkets across the west coast for refrigeration upgrades and remodels

60% of your energy usage at your store comes from your refrigeration system.

So, when it comes to minimizing operating costs and maximizing your capital investments, it matters how you maintain your perishable products to reduce shrinkage while increasing shopper satisfaction and staying up-to-speed on meeting on-going regulatory requirements.

"[People at Taper] are responsive, knowledgeable and quick to respond to changes & challenges. Taper is a trusted partner of Safeway NorCal."

- Kyle Herbel, NorCal Division, Director of Construction, Safeway


Our Capabilities in Refrigeration Management

We take all aspects of your store’s unique needs into consideration

  • Whole-store, modular and stand-alone refrigeration system transition plans
  • Assess refrigerants and age of systems to determine highest store and portfolio-level priorities
  • Refrigerated case doors upgrades
  • Auto-door closers
  • Electronically commutated motors (ECMs)
  • Anti-sweat heaters (ASH)
  • End-to-end project management
  • Incentive aggregation

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Thriftway Stores Reduce Energy Consumption by Nearly 27% with Refrigeration Upgrade

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Embarking on Your Sustainable Refrigeration Journey: How Grocery Stores Can Do It Right


See what financial incentives are available across California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii & Nevada

We are here to help make the complexities of refrigeration upgrades super chill.

With over 50+ years of collective experience in the grocery industry, we’re a great team to lead on your store energy projects.

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Jenn McNeil,
Taper’s Director OF HVAC & Refrigeration


Greg Stormans,
Owner at Thriftway