Good project stewards, great project outcomes.

Behind every kWh saved and each energy efficiency project smoothly executed is a team of experts who are charged up to help you crush your climate targets.


Advancing carbon neutrality is serious business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun making it happen.

Delivering the best outcomes.

Reaching your scope 2 emission and profit targets just got a lot easier.

An average 3-year payback period or less

Reducing annual operating costs by 20%

Providing utility and financial incentives that make saying “yes!” a lot easier

Uncovering every sq ft. of opportunity for decarbonization

Good energy attracts good energy.

Thanks to our partners, we’re helping reduce GHG emissions across the food retail industry.

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Our team of experts:

With complex projects, its important to have partners you can count on. See why our team brings such great energy to the table.

Andy Marse

VP Customer Success

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

"I’m excited to do this work because it has a significant carbon reduction impact and often increases comfort for the people occupying commercial buildings."

Jenn McNeil

Director of Vendor Relations

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

"Relationships and identifying resources is my jam. I get to work closely with our amazing and talented subcontractors and connect our internal teams and customers with the right resources to meet their needs."

Luis Sotomayor

Finance and Compliance Specialist

Hometown: Lima, Peru

"I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to do this work. It's really rewarding to get to help companies reduce their environmental impact in a way that also really helps their business succeed."

Michelle Morales

VP of Delivery

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

"I’m motivated by the people and purpose behind what we do. I’ve been with this organization a long time and it still feels great to know that even on tough days, we are making a real impact for our customers and the planet."

Robb Maruyama

Partner Manager

Hometown: San Jose, CA

"Navigating regulatory complexity and maximizing utility offerings can be really challenging; when the going gets tough, we’re here to see it through for our partners and clients."

Evan Roberts

Director of Customer Success

Hometown: Boise, ID

"I enjoy helping our customers improve their facility operations, enhance their customers’ experience, save energy, all the while reducing their carbon footprint."

Gary Eberhart

VP of Construction Services

Hometown: Concord, CA

"I’m committed to delivering store-level energy projects so seamlessly that you’ll question if we were really ever there."

Julie Petrak

Customer Success Manager

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

"People do business with people they like. We stand behind our mission with integrity by providing the highest quality partnerships with our customers. Let us do the heavy lifting."

Adam Montgomery

Business Development Representative

Hometown: Morristown, TN

"I love always being on the lookout for ways to help companies reduce their energy consumption and invest in efficiency. It’s such a great feeling to help them do both!"

Michelle Tell

Senior Inside Sales Representative

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

"I love working with a passionate, down to earth team and connecting with customers to learn about their unique challenges and help them reach their goals."

Frank Henry

Director of Sales

Hometown: San Jose, CA

"I love connecting businesses with solutions that are great for their bottom line and the planet."

Ryan Kinsley

Business Development Representative

Hometown: Burien, WA

"I’m grateful to work with an organization with such an impactful vision. I take a lot pride in knowing my work contributes to making a difference."

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